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16/03/2013 Sorry we no longer sell fridges,
we just can't compete with eBay Prices.

 have a full range of Portable Camping Fridges


HUGE Discounts!


Save up to $200.00 off WAECO portable fridges

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Portable top opening fridge/freezers
5 years warranty on the compressor motor, 3 years on everything else

18 Litres CF18 save
$35, RRP $599.00....Now $564.00

23 Litres CF25 save $50, RRP $729.00....Now $679.00

240v AC power supply for the above fridges only, $70.00 if bought with the fridge, save $29.00

31 Litres Digital Display CF32UP save $100, RRP $1199.00....Now $1099.00
With built in on-board battery, great for day trips and no power problems

31 Litres Digital Display CF35AC save $75, RRP $869.00....Now $794.00

37 Litres Digital Display CF40AC save $85, RRP $969.00....Now $884.00

Insulating Protective Covers for any of the above fridges
$99 extra if bought with the fridge, that's a saving of up to $30

49 Litres Digital Display CF50AC save $100, RRP $1099.00....Now $999.00

Litres Digital Display  CF60AC save $120, RRP $1199.00....Now $1079.00

Insulating Protective Covers for CF50 & CF60
$129 extra if bought with the fridge, that's a saving of up to $40

80 Litres Digital Display CF80FFAC save $160, RRP $1449.00....Now $1289.00

106 Litres Digital Display CF110FFAC save $200, RRP $1649.00....Now $1449.00

Insulating Protective Covers for CF80 & CF110
$159 extra if bought with the fridge,saving $40

AG00050_.gif (1615 bytes) About Waeco's totally new and unique Digital Temperature read out Display,
Now this is not just a display that shows the temperature inside the fridge, no it is much more
No longer will you have to keep adjusting the temperature controls up and down to keep the right temperature inside you fridge, with this new Digital Display you actually SET the temperature that you want the fridge to hold at, and it will hold it to within a few degrees of your setting, the Digital Display then shows you what the actual temperature is inside the fridge, don't you wish all fridges had this feature.

These prices are subject to change without notice

All WAECO products, specifications and prices can be
found on their website, just click the underlined links above,
or on 'WAECO' below

WAECO logo

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DOMETIC (Electrolux) range of Gas-electric Fridges

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