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The Labrador shop front has now been closed for 14 years.

Due to the fantastic response to the website, and large volume of Internet
and phone sales, it is was with some regret that I decided
to close the Labrador
shop front, it did however allow me to service my Internet and phone customers better.

I really miss the fantastic walk in shop customers I had over those 4 years the shop front was open,
many have become good friends and often send their mates and friends in to see me still now.

I would really like to thank all these great customers that have helped
the business grow so well, you all have my number (on the invoices), please keep in contact :-)

updatedNote, I have now retired. 
I am concentrating more on updating and writing more of my-
'Technical and not so technical information' 
articles, these have become very popular!
(I'm real chuffed, thank you for all your kind words and encouragement folks).

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Sorry but I had to remove the contact phone numbers from this page.
I was being totally swamped with phone calls
for most of the day, every day!
Same with the emails, I'm only one person, I just can't answer what got up to sometimes a hundred emails a day.

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Please note that all my customers (past and present) do have my current contact details on their invoices.

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