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Some of our other products

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Super Hot Price on this very popular must have
Battery Monitor, 
Dual Battery Monitor

Introducing the very smart eLITE Battery Monitor by Enerdrive 

The most useful tool you can have to keep an eye on your auxiliary/standby/house battery/s

eLITE battery monitor

Battery Status Information at a Glance

The eLITE Battery Monitor uses sophisticated microprocessor technology to provide complete battery status information for your battery.
A simple display shows volts, amps, amp hours consumed, percentage of charge.

I believe that these are such a valuable tool,
I buy these in bulk, and pass on the savings to my customers.

Please keep in mind that this offer includes the FULL Fridge & Solar
installation kit
and consists of shunt to monitor hook up cable, and my unique and exclusive shunt link and fuse & fuse holder,
plus my special extra instructions to make installing and setting up these monitors easy.

More detailed information can be found here >>CLICK HERE<<

Unbeatable value....
$339.00 with FREE freight to anywhere in Australia.

I am selling these on my   eBay  store

ebaY link to
eLITE Battery Monitor

my eBay on-line store

Some of our other products

We now
carry just a few select quality products.
We are offering these at discounted prices via our ebay store.

Please check out our special deals on Dual battery Charge Controllers VSR's (Voltage Sensitive Relays), Dual battery protection fuses, and of course the Battery Monitor as listed above.

my eBay on-line store

Enerdrive VSR
Enerdrive Dual Battery VSR
priced on my ebay store at $79.95

Please Click on the photo above
to go directly to my ebay listing.

FUSE KIT. 3 Fuses + 2 Holders Mega Fuse Holder
Dual Battery MEGA Fuse HOLDER (mounting block)
Mega Fuse

Collyn Rivers books are an excellent source of information,
written so it's easy for the lay person to understand about Caravan, Motorhome
and camper trailer electrics and a whole host of  other camping related things.


Check out Collyn's website, you can buy his books directly from him on his website,
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