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Solar Panels, Systems and Components

We stock some of the leading brands in Solar Panels  

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Kyocera Panels Fixed Solar Panels

Here is just a sample of our
Solar products and accessories range

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 Please Note UPDATED 28/03/2017;-
These days when folks ask me to size up their solar requirements -
I regularly tell them that because solar is so really crazy super cheap at the moment,
that they are truly best off
putting as much solar as they can fit,
on their Motorhome, Caravan or other RV roofs.
It is a fact that you can never have too much solar!

HERE >> I then tell folks to look on eBay to buy their solar panels,
because at this time I just can't compete with ebay solar prices,
so I just don't bother!

However I always warn folks to compare the physical size of the panels (mm²),
against the better known brands like Kyocera and BP,
because some shonky ebay sellers are claiming some of the cheap Chinese solar panels,
are a larger wattage than they really are.
Also make sure the panels are either 36 or 72 cell panels, anything less will not work as well,
Solar panels for a 12V battery system must have an Open circuit voltage (Voc) of 20 to 24V.

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