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 Battery Monitoring  

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*** Sorry I am no longer selling these, because I have now retired.
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Battery Status Information at a Glance

One Gauge, mulitable screens  Enerdrive eLITE Battery Monitor lots of essential useful information.
Really simple and easy to use and operate.

Would you like to know how much charge you really have in your battery?
Even more importantly, how much energy you have stored that you can really USE!

It's a fact that many people are not aware that a simple voltage reading on a voltage meter or gauge,
can not give any real or accurate indication as to what usable energy you have stored in a battery.  

For instance, how many people know this....
all intense purposes, a battery meter reading showing 12V on a disconnected battery means that it is all but flat (empty of useful energy)!! 

Or how about under some load or charging conditions, a reading of 12.5V can mean that the battery is fully charged, or it could mean that it's flat!!

Sadly it's also very true that most batteries don't just die, they get murdered!

This is where easy to read super smart and intelligent Battery Monitors come into their own.

What we really need to know is the batteries State Of Charge (SOC)
along with some other very helpful information.

The eLITE Battery monitor has 4 screens that you can easily access, 
and you can leave it idle on any one of these screens, 
each and every screen shows an easy to read fuel gauge showing SOC.

 So every-time you walk past you can see at just a glance,
how your batteries are holding up and their true SOC,
so you will never be left in the dark 
(was that a pun?) 
or with warm beer, 
now how good is that!! 

I love these super smart battery monitors so much!
 I call them EBM's (Enerdrive Battery Monitors) 

I believe that in the modern Motorhome, Caravan, 4x4, Boat or Camping situation, our power demands have increased a lot from the old days past, and folks whole enjoyment of their RV experience now more than ever revolves around powered devices, so a failure in this area due to low power, can just destroy a holiday completely.

So in my opinion to be kept fully informed as to the battery situation at all times is paramount for all RVers .

I know that having good easy to read and understand battery monitoring, 

pre-empts and prevents most power problems. 

These are such a valuable tool, and

I have been pointing out the advantages of proper battery monitoring for well over 16 years now.
 I believe that anyone with an 
auxiliary, dual or 'house' battery should have one of these battery monitors.

It's funny you know, when I bought my first proper battery monitor, it cost just over $600, that was 14 years ago!!
I still have it in full use today (different brand and model but has all the same useful information),
 and I bought it from the same guy that I buy the EBM's from today :-)

I do warn my customers that once you have owned one of these meters,
you will be

totally spoiled for life

as you will not feel comfortable using or operating anything with an auxiliary battery, 
without having a battery monitor, so be warned!!
But it sure does give you a smug, confident and knowing feeling when you do have one :-)

The Enerdrive Battery Monitor uses sophisticated microprocessor technology to provide complete battery status information for your battery.

A simple display shows volts, amps, amp hours consumed, percentage of charge.

eLITE battery monitor

These monitors come with full and comprehensive installation instructions, 
and to help with the first time set-up, I include my own personal and exclusive help sheets.
 I include all wiring required for connecting this monitor up, these extras include......

5M x cable

2 x in-line fuse holders and fuses

This monitor can even be mounted externally, with the face outside to the weather, 
I've done this on my own camping trailer.

These monitors are made in the Netherlands by TBS for Enerdrive Australia, 
and yes these are identical to the very popular Xantrex Battery Monitor (XBM's) I've been selling for many years.  

Suits all 12 & 24 volt systems.

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Val's "Hints, tips and set-up help" for these Battery Monitors, please >>click here<<

Battery Monitor,
Dual Battery Monitor

Introducing the very smart eLITE Battery Monitor by Enerdrive 

The most useful tool you can have to keep an eye on your auxiliary/standby/house battery/s

eLITE battery monitor

Battery Status Information at a Glance

The eLITE Battery Monitor uses sophisticated microprocessor technology to provide complete battery status information for your battery.
A simple display shows volts, amps, amp hours consumed, percentage of charge.

I believe that these are such a valuable tool,

*** I am no longer selling these, but only because I have retired.

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