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Welcome to the Internet home of FRIDGE & SOLAR

Battery Monitor

At FRIDGE & SOLAR we specialise in good sound advice on Dual Battery Systems, AGM batteries, Battery monitoring Systems, and many other associated 12V components and appliances, great for your camping, RV and boating needs. 

updatedGreat Newsupdated
We are now selling a few select and specialist items, at very discounted prices on our ebay store.

For more information on our free technical articles,
and the ebay store please read on below .

Mega Fuses

Our products offer excellent value and a great investment in making your lifestyle choices so much easier.

It is of course very important to make the right choices when buying products like these.
Far far too often people have been given bad advice, and sadly end up with a product that does not perform the way they justifiably expect.

At FRIDGE & SOLAR we pride ourselves on not only giving people the best possible prices on our quality products,
but we also offer sound advice, gathered from in-excess of 40 years of 
practical hands-on experience,  learned skills, and industry knowledge.

Note January 2016 updated
I am now spending more time updating and writing more of my-
'Technical and not so technical information'
articles, these have become surprisingly popular!
(I'm real chuffed, thank you for all your kind words and encouragement folks) smiley

Here are some of the articles you can find on my -
'Technical and not so technical information' Page

Our most popular page 
Dual Battery Systems
Our most popular page

 Battery Monitoring, the How and Why. 

New  Enerdrive-Xantrex Battery Monitor installation/fitting -- Hints, tips and set-up help 

 AGM Batteries Check out the advantages.

  Installing a power socket in your car for a portable fridge.

 Smart Battery Chargers...are they really? 

Battery charging with a generator? 

 Batteries and Wiring, more things to think about 

 How many do I need (Batteries, maybe Solar Panels etc.) 

  Amps, Amp-hours, Watts !! what's that all about?  

 Did you know?? here are some useful RV electrical related facts!  

Wire and Cable sizing, a must read article by Collyn Rivers. 

 Correct Venting of your Gas/Electric Fridge 

Testing, and Myths

Battery power consumption comparison
between a household 240 volt 140 litre bar fridge,
and a 12 volt 140 litre Waeco fridge.

 Will solar panels work under street lights?

Now my ebay Store information!

Finger pointI am offering through my ebay store a few select quality products.
With some exclusive deals that you can only get through me.Finger Point

I opened the ebay store to help make the whole purchasing procedure,
so much easer and simpler for both YOU and me.

The ebay store,  really does make it easy to select and buy an item.

Now I know some folks may not like 
ebay, and don't trust it,
and you may have
heard some fearful stories about ebay,
no doubt about it, some of those stories are true!

However please remember that in this case you would be buying directly from me here at Fridge & Solar,
and I am based
in Oz, on Queensland's Gold Coast.

If you don't know who I am, my name is at the bottom of every page,
and my home address can be easily found in the phone book,
so I'm not exactly some anonymous fly-by night on-line
store  smile

To help make purchasing on
ebay a quick and simple process,
I have decided to go with the PayPal
payment system,
PayPal really is a very secure and safe way to pay for goods on-line.

PayPal has proven to be the most secure and fool proof way of paying for goods,
and doing business over the Internet, and has some very neat buyer protections too.

Acceptance Mark<< PayPal is so very easy to use, you don't even have to sign up for an account,
you can use your credit card through their system with total security.
Though for convenience, once you have signed up for an account,
then any further or future purchases with sellers that use PayPal,
make it such a simple and quick process.

I can assure you, I would not be recommending PayPal to my valued customers
if I didn't have total trust and faith in their system .

Below is a link to a short video about PayPal, it's well worth a look...

Mega Fuse Holder
Direct ebay link to
Dual Battery MEGA Fuse HOLDER (mounting block)

Why PayPal?
See why more than 3 million online shoppers in Australia pay with PayPal.

  >> View Video <<

Mega Fuse
Direct ebay link to

my eBay on-line store

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 For some very informative and easy to read and understand articles,
Technical and not so technical,
please click the button below....

For other RV related articles you may find interesting please check my Tech page

My Camper 
Click the above photo to see a larger one :-)
Scary mug shot
New G'day Folks,  just a brief introduction about me (Val Rigoli)

Since my early childhood I've always had a keen interest in the great outdoors, camping etc,  being a member of the Scouting movement for over 15 years probably had a lot to do with this, so I guess a natural progression for me was to extend this camping and outdoors thing to caravanning, motorhoming and boating etc.

Work wise I started out in the caravan industry on the Gold Coast back in 1975, working for the original Gold Coast Caravan Repairs, repairing and renovating caravans, after this I had a job building new caravans for a while.

In the early 80's  I discovered computers, and then later still the Internet, where I became very involved with the Motorhomes Australia forum (1998), devoting much of my spare time to chatting socialy on the forum, and giving advice where I could to people with caravans and motorhomes and the likes, soon after I was handed the reins to the Motorhomes Australia website, I still look after it to this day.

Later on in life I opened up my own business building Slide-on Pop Top campers (Stronglight Campers), this business was progressing very well until I had to put on staff, I soon realised that this was not going to work for me!
Put bluntly, I simply could not find staff that were keen/passionate enough, or paid enough attention to detail, I guess I'm just too darn picky, so after 6 years I chose to just close the business down.

So in 2002 I started the business Fridge & Solar, opening a shop front in Labrador on Queensland's Gold Coast, also building an associated  website, selling goods on-line, also writing information and how-to articles.
After a few years this business became too busy for me to handle alone (I knew that staff would NOT be a good option for me) so I closed the shop front, packed up, went home and took the business on-line to the Internet only.

But again it became far too busy for me to handle (just not enough hours in the day), so feeling a bit (lot) burnt out, I closed up the on-line selling and hung a "Gone Fishing" sign on the website for a while.

However I continued to write and update my information and how-to articles on this website, and I love helping out folks out as much as I can, so I
continue to write and update my articles, and still post regularly on some of the motorhoming and camping forums, please keep an eye out for MrVal smile

As you now know I am now back selling a few select quality products through my ebay store.

Please note:-
My articles are written in good faith from in-excess of 40 years of practical hands-on experience, learned skills, and industry knowledge, so while I have no formal qualifications most folks comment that they have found my advice to be both informative and accurate.
Val's hot tip...
If you need a hands-on helping hand in South East Queensland? Please check out the services my good friend Brett
offers at  >>Brett's Camper Care (click here)<<
The information below is to help search engines find us, but it also may give some insight to just some of the products and articles I cover on this website.
We have information here on Dual battery systems, Enerdrive/Xantrex Dual Battery Monitors, Boats and Caravans, Motorhomes too, portable fridges, gas and electric fridges, solar energy, solar panels, solar power systems, deep cycle batterys, AGM batterys, 12v + 24v systems, we also talk about amps and solar regulator, Kyocera solar panels, Dometic/Electrolux, and Waeco fridges and their other products, and other refrigeration products, as well as smart battery chargers, Redarc battery isolators, and of course my special MEGA fuses, MEGA fuse holders and mounting blocks, and heaps more. #dualbattery #megafuse #midifuse #batterymonitor

We are located on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Copyright  © Val Rigoli  


Copyright  ©  FRIDGE & SOLAR  2002-2016 Last revised Jan 2016


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